How we work:

Brand Identity

From colour concept to rebranding, we will interpret your company history and values into a visually consistent and appealing brand identity.

1.  Who are you?

Together with you we find out who you are, how you are perceived and how you want to be perceived. We will make a market analysis of your competition and your target groups and define your personal identity.

2.  Ideas and Concept

After extensive market research and consideration of your wishes, we will present our ideas and our visual associations to you using collages and mood boards. We will thus set the mood and the design direction.

3.  Design Presentation

At the end of our process, we will present you with our product, i.e. your visual identity with colour concept, fonts, layout and  logo. There is an active exchange and feedback so that we can still adapt and refine the branding to suit you.

4.  Finalisation

The finished concept with logo is handed over to you and described & explained in writing in the personal brand code. We carry out the integration into your old corporate identity, depending on the project, the branding is then also integrated into a new website.