How we work:

Custom Content Creation

The most essential part of a website is its visual elements. At Digital Natives, we create all the content you need. From portrait images of the team, promotional films for digital marketing campaigns to an image film, we can provide it all in-house.

1.  Client Ideas

You describe your vision, how you imagine the end product to look like and what you want to achieve with it.

Based on these expectations, we create a precise shot list and, in the case of image films, a script and screenplay. Your imagination has no boundaries - we are open to all ideas.

2.  Shoot

Our team will arrive on location to take all the shots. Shoots can be done within 1-2 hours, a day or a whole week, depending on the scope and conditions (weather, bookings, people, etc.). You do not have to be present as a client. However, if desired, you are always welcome to be part of the shoot.

3.  Edit

Using the latest editing tools, we edit, retouch and/or animate the images and videos to create your desired end product. If the product requires it, voiceovers, CGI and music can also be added. We will take care of everything for you.

4.  Review and Presentation

The finished product is presented to you, and if necessary you may suggest changes, which we will incorporate immediately before publishing the final product on your website or launching the digital marketing campaign.

5.  Implementation

The final products are seamlessly integrated on your new website. Furthermore, you will receive all files for future use. If we take over your social media management, we can create regular posts from the produced content and publish them on your channels.