How we work:

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a well established form of advertising. To help you reach your target audience directly and efficiently, we at Digital Natives offer digital marketing solutions tailored to your needs.

1.  Strategy Concept

In close cooperation with you, we evaluate the different platforms, strategies and goals of your organisation.

Based on our assessments and your ideas, we develop a digital marketing concept that meets your needs.

2.  Target Group

Based on the developed strategy (platform, content and goals), your desired target group is narrowed down and incorporated into the digital marketing concept.

3.  Budget Planning

Once we have your agreement on the approach, a clear strategy and target group, we enter a review, test and planning phase. Based on tests conducted on the respective platforms, we are able to present you with a budget estimate and respective data analyses.

4.  Live Activation

Your campaigns are published on all platforms and constantly optimised. This way we can ensure that your marketing campaign is always optimally aligned.

5.  Monthly Reporting

Monatlich senden wir Ihnen 1-2 Factsheets, damit Sie jederzeit wissen, wie Ihre Kampagne bei der Zielgruppe ankommt.

Mit Ihrem Einverständnis können Kampagnen auch grundlegende Anpassungen erhalten.