For Frequencies we conceptualised and launched a new brand, created a new website and developed a mobile app.

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What is Frequencies?

With Frequencies, we were at the very beginning of a business idea where a brand had to be built from scratch. Frequencies is an app for relaxation and better sleep, based on binaural frequencies. There are many sleep apps out there, so the strategic positioning in particular had to be carefully worked out.

The Idea:

Strong brands need strong symbols to stand out from the market.

With Frequencies, the focus is on frequency waves that no other app has actively advertised with. We used this as a unique opportunity to make the frequency line a distinctive feature.

Successful brands trigger emotions

Warm colours in the dark blue night. The website, app and illustrations aim to create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. A variety of visuals were tried out until a winning idea prevailed.

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