How we work:

Web Development

A website is your digital showcase, regardless of the industry or type of institution you are. Website development and design are our passion - immerse yourself in the digital world with us.

1.  Consultation and rough concept

After an initial consultation with you, we can show you a first, rough design and structure concept based on your ideas.

Following your feedback, we adapt subsequent design work - if you wish, you can be closely involved in the design of your website.

2.  Design

After establishing the final framework and structure of the website, our design team will create a preliminary design concept for your site. This is then presented to you and adapted based on your feedback before our web development team codes it.

3.  Prototype

The first version of your website can be accessed and explored online (on a temporary domain). If you already have a website, it will remain online until it the new website is published. This version will again be adapted and optimised to your specifications.

4.  Mobile Optimisation

More than 50% of today's users access your website from a smartphone. All our websites are optimised for mobile devices so that users of all types can enjoy the same unique digital experience. Mobile optimisation is a standard offering at The Digital Natives GmbH.

5.  Final Adjustments

The finishing touches are made and any final changes are made before we publish your website. If necessary, editor workshops will be held with you at this time so that you are confident with the intuitive editor before the website is released.

6.  Launch

If you already have an active domain, it will be transferred from your old website to the new one. If not, we will acquire the domain of your choice and connect it to your new website. We also ensure that your website is equipped with the best SEO so that you are always at the top of Google searches.